Dynamic Alley



Welcome to Dynamic Alley.  Here, you will find master crafted wizard wands and other items to satisfy your inner geek.

Our master-crafted wizard wands start with a wood core, polymer clay is meticulously hand-sculpted and, after baking, is hand-painted, aged, and sealed to ensure the finest detail.  Because they are hand-sculpted and painted, no two wands are exactly the same.

Whether you are looking for a unique wizard wand for part of your collection or display piece, or you need that perfect magic wand for your cosplay or Halloween costume, we can help you find the right wand.  We can also work with you to make a custom-designed wand.



Party Favor Wizard Wands

Our party favor magic wands are sure to add some magic to your Harry Potter themed party or event, as well as birthdays, weddings, and bridal and baby showers.

If you can’t get enough of the wizarding world in your life, we have wizard wand chopsticks, crochet hooks, pens, business card holders and more!

Shadowhunters can find steles to help in their fight against demons.  You can even get a stele pen for your writing needs.