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Shadow Hunter Steles

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From Wizarding to Geekery


At Dynamic Alley, you will find artisan crafted wizard wands and other items to satisfy your inner geek.



Bone snake wizard wand  Our hand crafted wizard wand collection features detailed, hand sculpted designs. Each magic wand is made from a wood base and hand sculpted       polymer clay, then hand painted and sealed.


  Whether you are looking for a unique wizard wand for part of your collection or display piece, or you need that perfect wand for your cos-play or       Halloween costume, we have many designs to choose from. We can also work with you to make a custom wizard wand.




Our party favor wands are a great addition to your Harry Potter party, as well as birthdays, weddings, bridal and baby showers.   wizard wand makeup brushes   


If you can't get enough of the wizarding world in your life, we have wizard wand chopsticks, crochet hooks, pens and shawl, scarf and hair pins. Oh, and don't forget to add a little magic to your morning routine with our wizard wand makeup brushes!


 For those who can't resist, we have apothecary and potion bottles, book props, dragon eggs and more to add to your home décor.


 Shadowhunters can find steles to help in their fight against demons. You can even get a stele pen for your writing needs.


 For steampunk enthusiasts we have wizard wands, crochet hooks, pens and business card holders.