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My journey to Creating Dynamic Alley started around Halloween of 2012 when my daughters decided they wanted to dress as their favorite characters for their youth group’s Harry Potter themed party.

Being the crafty person that I am I decided we could make wands and other accessories to complete their costumes. After a bit of research we dove in, creating Luna and Hermoine’s wands, a cork necklace and radish earrings.

I had so much fun creating the wands that I kept making more. By Halloween I had quite a few. My daughters took them to school and they were a hit. Within a few weeks all of the wands I had made found their witch/wizard!

I opened my Facebook page in January 2013, my Etsy shop in February 2013 and my website March 2017. I love the process of designing and creating these items and I hope they find homes with people who’ll love them too!

-Melanie Hansen