What are Shadowhunters?

Shadowhunters or Nephilim are the warriors of the Angel Raziel. They are appointed to preside over demons and supernatural creatures (downworlders). A thousand years ago Raziel gave these gifts to Jonathan Shadowhunter, the first Nephilim.


Mortal InstrumentsThe Mortal Instruments

The Mortal Cup – This is the means by which Nephilim are created. The cup is imbued with agnelic power. Drinking from the cup transforms a mundane into a Nephilim.

The Mortal Sword – This sword resides in the Silent City and is usually wielded by Silent Brothers. It is primarily used to compel Nephilim to tell only the truth.

The Mirror – The mirror is a great mystery of the legend of Jonathan Shadowhunter. It is clearly defined as the third of the Mortal Instruments given by Raziel, but no information is given about the mirror. No one knows where the mirror resides, what it looks like or its intended function.

The Country of Idris

The country where Shadowhunters live, separated from demons and the mundane world.

The Book of Raziel

The Book of Raziel, or Gray Book, is used by Shadowhunters to access the magic of the angels to protect and augment themselves.


The Shadowhunter Oath

Shadowhunters swear an oath when they drink from the Mortal Cup.

I hereby swear:

I will be Raziel’s Sword, extending his arm to strike down evil.

I will be Raziel’s Cup, offering my blood to our mission.

I will be Raziel’s Mirror; when my enemies behold me, let them see his face in mine.

I hereby promise:

I will serve with the angel’s courage.

I will serve the angel’s justice.

And I will serve with the angel’s mercy.

Until such time as I shall die, I will be Nephilim. I pledge myself in Covenant as a Nephilim, and I pledge my life and my family to the Clave of Idris.


Shadowhunter Glossary


A treaty that outlines how Shadowhunters and Downworlders may interact, along with each group’s rights, responsibilities, and restrictions.


The name of the political body made up of all active Nephilim. All Shadowhunters that recognize the authority of Idris are part of the Clave. When Shadowhunters reach the age of adulthood (18 years of age), they declare their allegiance and become full Clave members.


Smaller regional groups of Shadowhunters that form their own local decision making and organizational structure. The Clave is responsible for placing Shadowhunters in charge of specific Institutes. They may intercede in cases where a conclave/enclave is organized in some way that is against the spirit of the Nephilim as a whole.


The Consul is the highest appointed official in the Clave. They wield little executive power and serve to preside over the Council, to officially tally votes and to help interpret the law.


The governing body of the Clave, the Council deals with matters of immediate importance that are not large enough for the entire Clave to become involved in. Local Conclaves/Enclaves choose representatives to sit on the Council.


Nephilim law is called the Covenant. It provides the rules of conduct for Shadowhunters and Downworlders. It is by right of the Covenant that the Nephilim enforce their law in Downworld. The Covenant protects the rights of Shadowhunters and Downworlders. It also guarantees that the Shadow World remains shadowed from the mundane world. The Covenant precedes the Accords.


Idris is the Shadowhunters secret country. It is hidden in central Europe and warded against entry by demons. Alicante is the capital city. The council and meetings of the Clave are held here.

Iron Sisters

The Iron Sisters design and forge weapons made of adamas, the holy metal of the Shadowhunters. They reside in the Adamant Citadel.


Shadowhunter Marks or runes are one of the most important tools used by the Shadowhunters. They are the source of their ability to fight demons. Marks are a complex runic language given by the Angel Raziel to grant powers beyond the mundanes. Some marks are applied to their bodies, and others are applied to physical objects, such as gear and weapons.


Parabatai are Shadowhunters who have taken an oath to fight together as lifelong partners. A Shadowhunter may only choose one parabatai in their lifetime. Like the marriage bond, the parabatai bond is broken only by the death of one of the members of the bond.

Silent Brothers

The Silent Brothers serve as the keepers of lore and knowledge. They function as librarians, researchers and medics. They reside in the Silent City, deep underground.


This tool is used to inscribe marks (runes). They are a wand-like instrument made of adamas. Steles vary in appearance, often tailored to the Shadowhunter who wields it. They give off a warm glow with the magic of the Marks when in use.