One of the things I love most is hearing about the fun and wonderful things that my creations become a part of.  These are a few stories and photos I have received.

If you would like to share a photo and/or story about your Dynamic Alley purchase, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.

Baby Showers









This darling centerpiece was created for a baby shower, including the party favor wands.










Accio Wand… This fun display at a baby shower includes the multi-colored party favor wands.


Wedding Favors











These party favor wizard wands were given to guests as a wedding favor.


Birthday Party











Fun Harry Potter themed birthday partys, complete with party favor wands!











These wands were incorporated into fun brook stick party favor bags.


Chocolate Wands








Chocolate wizard wand were made with molds made from the party favor wands.


Project Wizards








These 6″ wizard wands were commissioned to sit atop these plaques that were given to the investment bankers that were involved with the company Merger.


Harry Potter Themed Charity Event











Each guest at this Harry Potter themed charity event in Portland, Oregon received a party favor wizard wand.  At the end of the event they all used their magic wands to vanquish the Dementors.


Tea Time with Devon Murray and Paula DuPré Presman











This event was part of the Fire and Ice Festival in Loveland, Colorado in February 2016. Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter films) and Paula DuPré Presman (Associate Producer on the first three films) joined guests in a cozy tea time atmosphere. Each guest received a party favor wizard wand.



“The crochet hooks were created specifically for me with flowers on them. I love that they were very rustic rather than very feminine. She hand crafted each flower and went out of her way to get the type of hook that I wanted. This is my second set of crochet hooks that I have ordered because of the beautiful work!”  -April

“We bought this to replace a horrible resin wand that was made in China and snapped after five minutes of use. This wand is amazing! It is beautifully designed and painted, and is very sturdy so my nine-year-old son can use it to cast all his spells and never worry about it breaking. We absolutely love it!”  -Christ

“This is one of the best custom wands I’ve ever seen! It’s very well made and beautifully crafted. I sent the seller some things I liked and information about the recipient, but told her to have free reign with it and it turned out so beautifully! It’s like the wand really did choose the wizard and I know my brother is going to freak out when he opens it. It’s perfect :)”   -Alli

“These wizard wands are PERFECT. They are sturdy and beautiful and perfect for my kids Harry and Hermione costumes for Halloween. Seller was easy to communicate with and shipping was fast. Thanks!”  -Jod

“I ordered this as a very unique gift for my wonderfully nerdy maid of honor. The letters and wand were perfect! I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if the package came from Hogwarts itself. Thank you so much for making my maid of honor feel special.”  – Vanessa

“An amazing Hogwarts letter for my son on his 11th birthday. It was beautiful and very well done. The ticket to the Hogwarts Express was great. The wand was absolutely beautiful! It was shipped fast and without any hassles.”   -Alexa

“William Morris is quoted as saying, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Useful or beautiful. Meh. I’m going with useful AND beautiful. My beautifully useful pen was shipped quickly and arrived well packaged and in good condition. It is a joy to behold and quite comfortable to use. I am well pleased all around and would (more likely “will”) happily buy the sellers products again in the future.”   -Terrill

“So awesome. They look incredible. She was very kind and helpful when picking out which wand I wanted as chopsticks. Quick shipment. I can’t get over how amazing they look.”   -Justin

“Quick shipping-very well packaged for transit. WOW-BRAVO- amazing job with the clay craftsmanship!! These truly look like the handles are made of driftwood!! These works of art are very comfortable as well and will be a dream to use-thanks so much!!”   -Margaret